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Corrosion: Occurs when an electrolyte (water, oxygen, etc.) is present on the surface of a metal. The corrosion process begins when electrons flow through the electrolyte from high energy areas (anode) to low energy areas (cathode) of the metal. Click for more details.

Customize: Cut Victory VCI Bags to length for smaller parts & accessories.

Desiccants: No longer needed with Victory VCI Bags.

Directions: Insert clean, dry parts into Victory VCI Bag. Twist & fold or tie open end to close for instant protection. Store at room temp away from moisture & sunlight. Parts are ready for immediate use & protection ends once removed from the VCI bag.

Heat Seal: Victory VCI Bags are heat sealable.

Moisture Resistance: Victory's VCI Bags are moisture resistant made with heavy duty 4 MIL thick low density polyethylene (LDPE) and will inhibit corrosion despite a little moisture being inside the bag.

Oils: The use of light oil coatings is okay, but no longer necessary with Victory VCI Bags. Heavy oil coatings will defeat the purpose of Victory VCI Bags from protecting your products because it will not allow the VCI vapor from coming into contact with the metal surface to form a protection layer.

Reusable: Victory VCI Bags are reusable with long lasting protection for 3 plus years. When the VCI bag is not closed or has a tear, the corrosion inhibiting vapor will escape and prevent the vapor from protecting the metal until the bag is closed again. Use tape if a tear should occur.

Stocks & Scopes: Victory VCI Bags are safe on stocks & scopes.

Vacuum Seal: Victory VCI Bags can be vacuum sealed, but it is not necessary because the entire enclosure will be protected.

VCI Definition: Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor or Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor to protect metals from rusting.