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Instant Protection: Victory VCI Rust Prevention Storage Bags protect all metals by instantly emitting a corrosion inhibiting vapor of protective ions throughout the closed bag.

Full Coverage: The entire VCI enclosure, even inaccessible areas that are difficult to reach will be protected; therefore, desiccants or vacuum sealing is no longer necessary.

VCI Protective Ions: Corrosive elements inside the bag will hydrolyze into VCI protective ions that attract to the metal surface forming a powerful bond with metal atoms.

Military Grade: This bond creates a protective microscopic barrier that passivates the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas on the metal surface & interrupts the electro-chemical corrosion process. 

Safe on Stocks & Scopes: The barrier is dry and passive; therefore, it does not have any impact on the physical properties of the metal or sensitive electronic parts & components.  

Reusable: Victory VCI Bags are reusable with long lasting protection for 3 plus years. 

Quick & Easy: Parts are ready for immediate use and protection ends once removed from the packaging.