Victory VCI Rust Prevention Storage Bags are Military Grade MIL-SPEC PRF 22019E, designed to safeguard & improve the shelf life of firearms, ammo, collectibles, EDC tools, parts & accessories. Victory VCI Bags help protect & maintain the integrity and functionality of all metals for 3 plus years by instantly emitting a corrosion inhibiting vapor of protective positively charged ions throughout the closed bag. Corrosive elements like humidity, salty air, heat, water or fumes inside the bag will hydrolyze into VCI protective ions that attract to the metal surface forming a powerful bond with metal atoms. This bond creates a protective microscopic barrier that passivates the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas on the metal surface & interrupts the electro-chemical corrosion process. The barrier is dry and passive; therefore, it does not have any impact on the physical properties of gun stocks, metal, or sensitive electronic parts in scopes.

Victory VCI Storage Bags provide full coverage for the enclosure, even inaccessible areas that are difficult to reach will be protected. These reusable bags save time & money by allowing immediate product use and eliminating constant maintenance of messy re-greasing, oils, desiccants, or vacuum sealing. Victory VCI Bags are a versatile and fast solution to a long-lasting defense against corrosion and help add value to your assets. Protection ends once removed from the Victory VCI Bags.